What Function Does The Ombudsperson Perform?

The Ombudsman will: 

• Listen to you

• Answer your questions 

• Analyze your situation 

• Explain policies and procedures 

• Provide information and advice 

• Explore solutions 

• Help untangle bureaucratic red tape 

• Suggest appropriate referrals 

• Assist you in pursuing a resolution 

• Apprise administration of significant trends 

• Recommend changes in policies and procedures


Ombudsman Information

The word ‘ ombudsman ’ dates back to 1809 when the Swedish Parliament created a new official known as the Justitie-Ombudsman, referring to public officials appointed to investigate citizens’ complaints against governmental agencies. Ombudsman loosely translates as ‘ citizen's defender ’ or ‘ representative of the people ’. In Swedish the word - ‘ ombudsman ’ is without gender and can indicate a person of either sex. However, it is becoming common to use the term ombudsperson in lieu of ombudsman.

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What Function Does The Ombudsperson Perform?

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